Hult Design has created a beautiful wireless speaker called the Pavilion that provides an innovative modern design and offers a D-Spiral Acoustic system. The speakers connect to your smartphone and audio device via Bluetooth,  and other features include a rechargeable battery and a 20w sound driver. You can make a pledge at Kickstarter for your own Pavilion wireless speaker with rewards starting at $259 for early bird backers.

Pavilion is a high-performance wireless speaker with an innovative modern design. We scrambled different materials with an existing speaker structure to redefine it to a beautiful piece of art.

In the process of designing the speaker, we were captivated by the attractive curves and glossy finish of brass instruments. We studied the instrument’s curvature and integrated it to our spiral copper port design. The spiral inside the clear wall is breathtaking and makes it attractive from 360 degrees.

Speaker base is made with a high-density concrete used in modern architectures. The base firmly holds the speaker in place preventing acoustic loss from any vibration. The elegant surface finish goes smoothly with the surrounding flow

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